Hi, I am Sharon.

Born and raised in Dracut, Massachusetts. I am not an award winning photographer, but my family thinks so. I'm really just here documenting moments and loving every minute of it. While I'm sure that this block is designed for me to say more about myself...that just seems weird. Instead, I'll explain what it's like when I book a shoot.

It's like this....

...I just got hired to do this huge "Editorial Shoot" (Senior Portraits) with this amazing model. I can't leak the models name for security purposes, but it's like being a guest at one of J-LO's weddings and you have to leave your phone stuffed in a locker somewhere off location so no one can tip off the paparazzi (not true, I encourage you to bring your phone and IG behind the scenes. I'm just painting a picture here).

Once we're at the shoot, there's like 40 personnel (really it's just me; I have zero assistants) pulling together clothing, hair, makeup (otherwise known as water & chapstick). It's everything you could imagine from a top notch Editorial photoshoot (beach, park, or downtown Lowell). There's a mood board with a list of preplanned ideas laid out before us (Pinterest). Together, said model and I create this portfolio that's so unique to their style. There's lots of dancing, walking, sitting, tossing hair, laughing, and of course smiling. My model also brought family members with them so we toss everyone into the shoot and force big hugs.

Eventually the sun goes down and it's clear that we've got more than enough. I go home and begin uploading images for light retouching. I go all Meryl Streep/Devil Wears Prada on myself about 85 times because I can't choose which I like the best. They all feel priceless. Again, Model and I collaborate to decide which images should go to print for "The Cover" (otherwise known as the wall at home and/or the Folio Box).

Once it goes to print, there's no going back (clearly you call me if there are any issues). It's a week or two until the amazing people from FedEx deliver the final product and when it arrives, I get the first look! As usual "The Cover" looks better than envisioned.

In case that wasn't explained correctly, you should know that I love photographing people. So relax and have fun. I'm here to walk you through it. Take a look at my growing Portfolio. If you think I'd be a good match for you, contact me to discuss your ideas and schedule a photoshoot. Can't wait to hear from you.


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